Sales communication Part 2

In Sales Communication part 1 Ruth talked about the 4 W’s. This explained how to describe what your company offers in a way that customers can quickly grasp and will want to engage with. In Part 2 Ruth details some further sales language techniques you can use to build on what was started in the previous article.

The name game

The Ron Seal approach can be very effective in business (it does what it says on the tin). Having a business name that’s relevant to what you do can make you millions. If you are a new start up business this is simple to do. Choose an appropriate name and ensure the website domain is available. If you are a business that has years of trading and you have an ambiguous name I wouldn’t insist you change it. What I would suggest is that you trial relevant names and use them as a “Trading Style of” your existing business. Either of these may save you money on SEO and PPC costs as domain relevance to services provided is reference by Google.

Website review

Time is money so invest some time in your website and this WILL result in money. You can do this alone or with your team, take the results of the 4W exercise and assess if you site tells your customers what you do. Draw up a list of amendments and ensure they get done. I look at my website daily and each half year I sit down with my team, redefine the 4W exercise and refresh my website. Doing this ensures we are relevant, commercial and maximising passive sales through the website.

Call to action prompts

The number one point that frustrates me about a website is when the customer has to hunt for the details to make a contact. The term “Call to Action” is a marketing and sales term which in simple terms means a prompt to get your customer to call. Review your website or any sales literature to ensure your telephone number, email addresses and office addresses are prominent.

Be the customer

The most powerful stand point when doing any marketing or sales is to think as the customer does. As business owners we are all too close to our businesses and far too sensitive about what and how we provide. Take a step back and review all of your marketing and sales communication and try and see if from the outsider’s perspective. If you have sales staff, ask them to run through sales pitch with you so you can check their language. It’s your job to keep your business fresh and relevant. Complacency breeds so keep testing your staff and the sales literature as this is what you customer sees and initially judges you on.

One voice, one offering

This is a simple point but one of the benefits of doing the 4 W’s exercise as a team – everyone has clarification on what and how you sell. Doing this should remove the over promises or over selling of services or products.

As you all know I love selling and do it in a very simple but effective way. Simple effective sales communication is effective so I hope that you have all enjoyed this blog and it helps you make more money!