The most powerful thing about being a consultant is having the opportunity to be the outsider looking in. This normally means that within a very short period of time we can quickly indentify a problem, agree and help implement the solution. An added bonus to the service is that while the consultancy takes place, we coach and train the people within the business to ensure the long term success of the solution.

A good consultant will do themselves out of a job and that is exactly what we aim to do! We pride ourselves on never staying in a business longer than we need to, which is how all of our projects have a massive return on any investment made.

We are very commercial which means you only ever pay for what you need. If you need a day, you only pay for a day and if you need more we agree a bespoke budget that works for you.

We offer two types of consultancy:

Business Consultancy

All consultancy work begins with an initial chat and a fact find to establish what your key objectives are. If we believe we can help, we begin by doing an overall review of your business paying focus to areas where you have identified concerns. As we have an expert in each area we will quickly match the right consultant with you to ensure that an effective impact is delivered quickly. What makes us unique in the way we operate is the fact that we devise a strategy for improvement and then assist in the implementation to ensure success. We measure everything we do so at each point of every project you can clearly see the benefit to your business. Finally, we never exit a business until you are completely happy with the results which ensures our total accountability for all the work we do.

Sales Consultancy

Increasing revenue, improving sales processes and people is what drives Ruth Badger in business! No other company can compete with us in any sales area as we have the best in the business working on all of our sales projects. Ruth personally oversees all sales consultancy projects.

We understand how good sales people can make a business and how bad sales people can break a business. Increasing revenue and sales performance is achieved by improving the processes, people in the business and a pro active attitude!

We offer the whole solution when it comes to improving your revenue, people and processes.

Our services cover:

  • Sales strategy and process
  • Sales and staff underperformance issues
  • Staff development and training
  • Performance management
  • Target setting

All consultancy work is tailored uniquely to the needs of the individual business as we strongly believe this is the only way we can deliver measurable and lasting improvements to your business.