Sales Training

Normal Trainers don’t have a sales background or sell on a daily basis, I do. I wrote my Sales Course so everyone can capitalise on my knowledge and improve their sales. It’s proven as it’s never let me down in all the years I have used it! — Ruth Badger

Ruth Badger has received international acclaim for her sales ability and is known for being one of the best saleswomen in the UK. Our one day sales course is written by Ruth and has been improving the way people sell for 10 years. The course delivers over 27 years of REAL sales experience and teaches the practical and effective method of how Ruth sells!

The aim of ‘Selling Badger Style’ is to boost the individual’s confidence while building an understanding of why customers buy. The one day course follows a set structure to ensure all elements of selling are understood and reinforced. The full breakdown of how Ruth fact finds and closes deals is demonstrated live by Ruth during every course which is an experience to see.

Areas covered:

  • Effective Fact Finding
  • Sales Language and Effective Communication
  • Understanding why Customers Buy
  • Upselling and Identifying a Budget
  • How to Increase Personal Sales Conversion
  • Understanding How to Effectively Close Sales

This one day course guarantees each attendee will walk away with an improved sales ability which will have a real impact on their performance.

Company Courses start from £1,500 + VAT

Individual prices start from £395 + VAT

Management Training

It has always scared me that the only job people don’t get training for is being a manager. Most people are promoted due to their performance but the skills you need to be a good manager are very different from what they needed to excel in their previous role. Our Management Training is a business changer as having an effective management team is that important! — Ruth Badger

Our 7 session Management Training program is only available to Companies and can be run for 6 – 12 attendees. The course is written and designed for all attendees to attend all sessions. The program has been written by Ruth Badger and Julie Hughes and is designed to give an academic and operational insight into effective management and how it impacts on a business. Ruth and Julie understand first-hand how many managers are promoted due to them excelling in their role, but the skill base of being a manager is very different. Numerous companies have already seen that this course really does change the attendee’s ability in managing people and this impacts directly on the bottom line. The program is designed to build attendees knowledge, confidence and ability in all the key areas.

The program delivers each attendee:

  • Increased Management Understanding, Knowledge and confidence
  • An Understanding of Different and Effective Management Styles
  • A Relevant and Commercial Approach on how to Deliver Effective Performance Management
  • A Practical Approach to Prioritisation and Delegation
  • A Relevant Approach on how to Implement Effective Employment Law Practices on a Daily Basis
  • Effective Recruitment and Interviewing Styles
  • Effective Man Management
  • Effective Management Communication
  • Effective Sales Management

This program uses academic facts and methodology alongside real world styles to ensure commercial but educated content is delivered.

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